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For Sale


Rotating pictures of custom home, workshop, and guest house at 4215 Laird Road, Loomis, CA


Builder's own luxury custom home for sale on 3.2 acres for $1,899,000.  4215 Laird Road, Loomis, CA

Proposed 2950 square foot custom home on 1.5 acres for $599,000.  7190 Starkview place in Loomis, CA.

Builder's own 2500 square foot custom home for sale on 1.3 acres in Penryn, CA

New 4000 square foot custom home on 2.5 acres sold for $1,299,000 in Newcastle, CA



Joe & Josh are building a new custom home for the Dailey's in Newcastle scheduled for completion in mid-January. Josh and the Dailey's designed this home to last the family a lifetime. This home is a forward thinking design with lots of storage space and energy saving features. The home has a tall family room with a picture framed window facing with a concrete/fiberglass deck overlooking their 16 acres of oak covered property.

Geothermal Heating System: This super efficient HVAC system should pay for itself in about 6 years! It is estimated that this system will save approximately 80% on heating and cooling in addition to providing water heating in the summer and winter. It works by running a fluid through a system of trenches with piping and absorbing the heat (in the winter) and cool (in the summer) to create energy.

Spray Foam Insulation: Open cell foam insulates the roof deck and crawl spaces creating a tightly sealed home. With a sealed attic the duct system will run through a conditioned attic space also saving energy. Spray in blanket systems are installed in the walls and regular batts in the interstitial floor spaces. We expect this home to perform 30% to 50% better than a typical home.

Storage: This home was designed with a modest footprint to keep energy use and costs low but allows for storage in the attics and crawl spaces.

Low Maintenance: A fiberglass/stamped concrete deck with iron railing and stucco exterior need almost no maintenance. A 40 year composition roof, fiberglass doors, vinyl windows will also be easy to maintain. Making smart choices with exterior elements can make your home less expensive over time, in effect saving you money.

Joe and Josh were able to build this home for approximately $500,000. Please call us for more details on how to design/build your own home today!

Joe & Mitzi are selling their own home on 3.2 acres in Loomis. This is the ultimate house for entertaining. It features an amazing backyard pool with all the amenities and a 3140sf workshop. It has a guest house with a full kitchen for the grand parents and an 800sf game room inside the home for the kids. Luxurious throughout, you have to see the pictures and print out the flyer! But you really don't get a feel for the home without taking The Virtual Tour!

The Takagishi's grew tired of their high utility bills and fought back with a state of the art photovoltaic ground mounted solar system! A very smart move!
Many custom homes have well pumps, septic pumps, irrigation pumps, on top of the normal heating and cooling costs. On top of that PG&E does not provide rural customers an increased bottom tier to account for the extra utilities, in-turn causing customers like the Takagishi's to pay two to three times the tract home utility rates.
Join the forward thinkers and call us today for a quote on your new solar system!

To design and build smarter and better homes, homes that you can retire in and will cost you less and be easy to maintain.
Our goal as a business is to provide our customers with a great home building experience.  We want our customers to know that their home is built right and built efficiently.  Our buyers come first, when they're happy we're happy.


One Stop - With design & build we save you time and money.

TRUST - Building custom homes locally since 1977

Experience - In the last 10 years we've built over 40 custom homes.

Quality - We have been doing business with most of our subcontractors for over 15 years. This relationship allows us to build the best custom homes over and over again.

Specialization - We specialize in custom homes on country properties.

Affordable - We can build you a beautiful custom home within your means!

Utility - Our plans maximize space, lifestyle, energy, and maintenance.

Energy - To build sustainable homes for a better more efficient future.